Sunday, February 28, 2010

Telescope Camera Adaptor Astrophotographers, Please Help..?

Astrophotographers, please help..? - telescope camera adaptor

So I bought a Canon Rebel XTi, ok to photograph the sky with the kit lens (18-55mm), which help me better images?
A. buying a telescope and camera attatching .. (if so, what size telescope)
B. Purchase a truly objective exspensive if so, how?
C. You buy an adapter for Minolta (200mm) Lens fit the Canon ...
D. Buy a kit available location ...
E. or the acquisition of a target of them .. ... ...
F. or even ....

I miss something that can make great pictures with a large zoom to photograph the stars and the moon .. I have a remote control and a tripod for the camera, I'm justwish to the stars .. Approach

X2 I have a telephoto lens that fit into a ...

Thanks in advance!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stomach Flu Going Around 2010 Is The Stomach Flu Going Around In Southern Missouri?

Is the stomach flu going around in Southern Missouri? - stomach flu going around 2010

My brother, my father and I had been sick. It comes very quickly and you feel like crap all day. My mother is not here yet, but I wonder if anyone knew anything.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sandra Teen Model Private Videos Sandra Teen Model?

Sandra teen model? - sandra teen model private videos

Who knows what nationality is he?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Dogs Vajina Locking My Dog Just Had Her Puppies And Iz Bleeding Alot From Her Vajina?

My dog just had her puppies and iz bleeding alot from her vajina? - dogs vajina locking

had pups for 11 days and still bleeding wats the problem

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Size Matters Prolexis How Do I Kill The Technomite Dreadnaught In Ratchet And Clank Size Matters?

How do I kill the technomite dreadnaught in ratchet and clank size matters? - size matters prolexis

I played Ratchet & Clank Size Matters for about a month and we got to the part where he will Clank Giant Clank and overcome Technomites Dreadnaught but I can not, I've tried for a long time and I still can not defeat yet If you've played the Ratchet and Clank Size Matters and defeated the Dreadnaught Technomites pls tell me how you did it THX

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Free Download Mathematica 5.2 For Students Hey Everyone I Need To Download Mathematica 5.2 Free Or A Free Trial Or Something, How Can I Do That?? Thnx ?

Hey everyone i need to download mathematica 5.2 free or a free trial or something, how can i do that?? thnx ? - free download mathematica 5.2 for students

Your best option is the publication of "buy" half ", which is only $ 45th ...

Obviously, it is only good for one semester, but during that time is everything and nothing is muted. The full version costs $ 140 students, and you do not know what the "Pro" version costs.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Senior Pics Senior Pics?

Senior Pics? - senior pics

well, I am a senior in the fall. I wonder if I am older than I do with images. Earlier this year, middle or end it did not matter? and what is the price range?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

How Much Does It Cost Of The Griha Pravesh How Much Does Health Insurance Cost?

How much does health insurance cost? - how much does it cost of the griha pravesh

I try to take advantage of the new business started by my friend, but it broke, and I'm looking for more profit, the more I learn. Since my health insurance out of pocket, especially through a plan of benefits. And she can not afford that for your business takes off.

So my question is how the individual, as the cost of health insurance, me, a month, how much it would benefit by the employee costs in comparison?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gor Slave Market World Geography Questions!!!!!?

World geography questions!!!!!? - gor slave market

1. Which of these occupations are famous Ashanti?

A. Masks
Sculpture B.
Kente C.

2. Which of the following was part of the former West African Kingdon?

A. Timbuktu
C. Cairo
D. Sernegal

3. Which of the following statements is not true for a society without a state?

A. lines in the society have equal power
B. The members work through their differences and cooperate to share power
Lines C. Choice of a monarch

4. Which of these locations below is a starting point for the slaves during the slave trade? "I think I know only one make sure"

A. Sahara
Gordon B.? E-Island
C. Sierra Leone

5. Which of the following products are mainly responsible forIn the realm of economic development projects in Ghana, Mali and Songhai? "I think I know only one make sure"

A. Salt and diamonds
As salt and bauxite
C. Gold and Salt

6. The nations of the West African experience a wide range of wel-being. What factors might explain this economic diversity? "plzz many as possible"

The first all correct answers will :)!!! First Response
Thank you for your .. Help appriated great!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Manx Club Ga. Racing In The Isle Of Man?

Racing in the Isle of Man? - manx club ga.

I know the TT and Manx Grand Prix is held every year, but everyone know whether the club race meetings on the island? I am particularly interested in the sidecar. Thanks

Monday, February 15, 2010

Baby Breast Buds Worries Normally Angelic 12-week-old Suddenly Freaking Out.?

Normally angelic 12-week-old suddenly freaking out.? - baby breast buds worries

My baby was an angel all the time. I slept the whole night, when to wake the doctor to stop eating. Cree, rare, and it is easy consolation. The last two nights, and especially today, is to these attacks of hysteria, and suddenly they were even worse than when they received the vaccine at the age of two months and can not seem to cry begins to have stopped.
-She 's drool over, so I thought at the beginning of teething problems, but no fever and no egg yolks.
"Do not pull on the ears.
"No other cold symptoms.
Evaluated the issue.
He offered her the breast and nipple.
Embedded and cuddling.
It took a while to rest alone.
Mylicon tested for its gas.

Finally, at some point in his swing, the hatred (usually helpful). ThereThe worst thing you can imagine, or maybe just a normal expression of a kind of frustration? We had my sister sleeping girl in the last few days, then maybe a man there? I am not worried because I am concerned and stomach cramps, fussy, and his younger brothers and sisters, but I was curious what could cause children quiet suddenly mad. I feel a little guilty, just underway, but it seems much more content into it.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

What Does A Hard Cervix Mean What Does It Mean When Your Cervix Is Low, Hard, Open And Very Tender?

What does it mean when your cervix is low, hard, open and very tender? - what does a hard cervix mean

I'm about to start AF tomorrow ... in with some strange phenomena. What does this "position" are in general?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Toyota Corolla Ae102 How Many Engine Mounts On A Ae102 Toyota Corolla 7AFE Engine?

How Many Engine Mounts on a ae102 Toyota Corolla 7AFE Engine? - toyota corolla ae102

Cheers guys are my cracked front engine mounts and I would like to replace it increases for all engines. How many engine dampers are 7AFE Toyota Corolla AE102?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Lorna Morgan 17 Year Anybody Got Lorna Morgan Milena Velba Or Nadine Jansen Files Thwould Be Willing To Trade?

Anybody got lorna morgan milena velba or nadine jansen files thwould be willing to trade? - lorna morgan 17 year

[.. Insert sound of crickets sing here ..]

Thursday, February 11, 2010

How Long A Pregnant Women Can Work How Long Should I Work For When Pregnant?

How long should i work for when pregnant? - how long a pregnant women can work

Hello to all.
In 20 weeks pregnant, I would give him some advice, how long at work.
i .. Work is very physical work (I take it easy and even slower)
approximately 10 weeks of pregnancy IV had hip and back problems
THE trouble getting out of bed ..
Problem is that have nothing to work for me, is facilitating the work.
Id stay as long as possible
How long do women usually at work for the physical work .. like to travel?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Time Share Tax Refund Splitting The Bill And Writing The Entire Sum Off For Tax Purposes - Does Everyone Get A Share Of The Refund?

Splitting the bill and writing the entire sum off for tax purposes - does everyone get a share of the refund? - time share tax refund

I have a friend, a restaurant, write invoices for your company (if it really speaks of his company or not is not really) the problem. Each week we will be out to eat with friends or just ourselves. After each person pays their share of the bills, take the bill and cancel the total amount - not only by you.

Are all of their share of the tax refund? Everyone pays, of course, my friend. But there is one, eventually the tax refund for a portion of the meal and everyone. Casually asked him how some of these, no refund and I said. Twice he has done in the most expensive restaurants, but I fear it will become a regular event, no matter how expensive it is the food.

Is that fair? Should I take it again? Can I use my food without your forgiveness for what I think my (and everyone else) a part of the meal? How can I avoid, but continued with her meal without feeling frustrated?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Where To Buy Wood For Smoker Phoenix Other Than Shellacking, How Can I Eliminate The Stench From The Wood Furniture I Bought From Smokers?

Other than shellacking, how can I eliminate the stench from the wood furniture I bought from smokers? - where to buy wood for smoker phoenix

I cleaned w / soap, water, promising to TSP and essential oils. I was burning scented candles, incense sticks and left arm & Hammer baking soda in it. Nothing works, and the paint is ugly. What can I do to save others from the stale smell of Smoky wood furniture, please?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Side Bang Weave How To A Side Band With Weave?

How to a side band with weave? - side bang weave

can someone give advice on how to make a page for the cords? Add in the explosion with the picture or vid

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Organic Vinegar What Is The Difference In Health Benefits Between Regular And Organic/unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar?

What is the difference in health benefits between regular and organic/unfiltered apple cider vinegar? - organic vinegar

I started drinking apple cider vinegar a day to increase my health and lose a few pounds, but I bought cider vinegar filtered. I think the brand is Wal-Mart, but that was all they had. My plan is to go to buy organic stroke after the end of this little bottle. Am I drinking the ACV for everything that makes it even filtered or health benefits of organic ACV?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Base Cb Jumbo How To Change A Cb Radio To A Base Station Cb Radio?

How to change a cb radio to a base station cb radio? - base cb jumbo

I wanted to know how my CB radio station at regular intervals, as I handed over power to his subject?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Leica Minilux 35mm -zoom I Read That Henri Cartier-Bresson Used A Leica Minilux Point & Shoot In His Last Years. Can You Confirm That?

I read that Henri Cartier-Bresson used a Leica Minilux point & shoot in his last years. Can you confirm that? - leica minilux 35mm -zoom @ N0 ...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Custom Flag Football Jerseys Where Can I Find Custom Football Jerseys?

Where can i find Custom football jerseys? - custom flag football jerseys

Where can I get from Nice shirts for my team flag football ... Shirts, high school and college receiving teams. As MÉTEAUX Shirts Nike or Under Armor.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cervical Fluid And Ovulation Images On Pants Cervical Fluid After Ovulation - TMI Question?

Cervical fluid after ovulation - TMI question? - cervical fluid and ovulation images on pants

I have a book on natural family planning, so you see it, but how fluild cervix after ovulation, and it is different if a conception occurred?

Monday, February 1, 2010

Photos Saved To Internal Memory In Camera How To Print Why Does My Computer Say There Are No Photos On My Digital Camera (Kodak C330). When There Odviousely Are.?

Why does my computer say there are no photos on my digital camera (Kodak C330). When there odviousely are.? - photos saved to internal memory in camera how to print

... I look at my computer and see the camera icon, I clicked and reach other icons that say fixed and removable tanks. However, when I am on an empty of them. I know he is still stored in the camera and the photos on the memory card and not the internal memory.